Solar Backup Systems

System Features

  • The system automatically switches over to battery in power failure to keep powering all or selected household circuits
  • Panels can power the system during power failure. Indefinite time period depending on battery size and panel size
  • The system can be program system to run off batteries at peak tariff periods or whenever needed
  • System will run till pre-determined battery discharge. Eg till 60% state of charge each night
  • Recharge the batteries from sun or grid (at off peak rates)
  • Limit exports or export to grid. This can be useful when existing cable infrastructure will not support a large system exporting to the grid
  • 63 amp (15KW) throughput)
  • Different inverter sizes (24 and 48 volts, 3,5,6.7KW)
  • 7 Year warranty on inverters
  • Remote monitoring with PC via Bluetooth or CatV Cable

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Solar Backup System Diagram CJSolar
10KW Grid Connect (Hall)
Stand alone solar power independant of the grid

Stand alone solar panel systems are completely independent of the grid. No more power cuts or electricity bills.

connect to the grid solar power systems

Grid Connect Solar Power Systems are used when you are already using power from the main grid and wish to generate your own power that will supplement that used from the grid.

Solar backup systems

Calculate your energy needs with the CJ Solar energy calculating worksheet. Simply change or remove the columns to suit your usage to calculate your daily energy usage.