Grid Connected Solar Power Systems

Grid Connect systems use grid power from the street but use solar panels to reduce the amount of energy used by the home or business.

In New South Wales, under the current feed in tariff, a well set up system will try to use as much of the solar panels energy before feeding any excess back to the grid.

You will generate about 4KWH (units) of energy a day per 1000 watts of panels. This will reduce your energy bill when the home is able to use this energy.

As electricity prices will go up, your solar system will save even more money for you.

Any excess energy maybe sold to your energy retailer (eg Origin or ACTEW) at their current buyback rate.

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Stand alone solar power independant of the grid

Stand alone solar panel systems are completely independent of the grid. No more power cuts or electricity bills.

connect to the grid solar power systems

Grid Connect Solar Power Systems are used when you are already using power from the main grid and wish to generate your own power that will supplement that used from the grid.

Solar backup systems

Calculate your energy needs with the CJ Solar energy calculating worksheet. Simply change or remove the columns to suit your usage to calculate your daily energy usage.